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Offer : Weekdays : BOGO Hour Free. Weekends : BOG 1/2 Hour Free.

A massive room full of toys from different parts of the world.Come explore.

Newer shorter forms of activities to keep your child engaged to collective learning.

Here the train goes down the track chug-a-chug-a chug-a
chug-a choo choo!

A Few Words About Skipperty Hopperty

We at SkippertyHopperty have spent a lot of time planning a space that is unique, colorful and magical for children up to 7 years old. As you can imagine, they have a lot of great ideas in our wonderfully accessible and beautifully designed play space. We do hope that you join us soon; so please make sure to come fully energized for hours of active fun!

Our 4500 square indoor play space, offering fun and active self-directed play that engages children 7 years of age and under. As for the play structure itself….well…. it’s a WHOPPING 1200 square foot, two level structure with a ball blaster arena, ball pool, zip liner, trampoline, tunnels and hurdles. A sprawling 400 sq. toy area where the kids can exhibit their skills on a variety of toys after they are tired running around.

In the midst of all this they can just hop on to a TRAIN ride if they wish enumerable times. We believe that today, more than ever, kids need a safe and healthy environment to laugh, play and simply have fun. We take great pride in providing an extraordinary experience for children and parents so they come back again and again.

Our little Frog is a comical chap; He lives on the best of fare.
Bright little trousers, jacket, and cap, These are his summer wear.
Out in the meadow he loves to go, Playing away in the sun.
It's Skipperty Hopperty high and low, Here is the time for fun.

This fidgety frog has a quaint little house; It's under the hedge so gay.
Grandmother Spider, as still as a mouse, Watches him over the way.
Gladly he's calling the children, I know, Out in the beautiful sun.
It's Skipperty Hopperty high and low, Here is the time for fun.

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